Sydney Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo

Our message of immunisation to protect babies and expectant mother’s continues this weekend as our Light For Riley stand takes prime position at the Sydney Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo.  The stand will be attended to by our amazing volunteers who will be handing out free immunisation information packs to all attendees.

We welcome you to come and have a chat as we work towards educating expectant and new parents on the importance of immunisation. We look forward to seeing you there!


Australian Immunisation Schedule reviews pregnancy vaccination against whooping coug

Today we are happy to announce that pregnancy vaccination against whooping cough may now become a permanent and standard feature of the Australian Immunisation Schedule, IF the recently lodged application to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) is successful.

Since Riley’s death, individual state health departments began funding this vaccine for pregnant women, but it is not a permanent solution. They have, in the past, completely removed vaccination programs, leaving babies like Riley completely vulnerable to preventable infectious diseases. We know that once a vaccine is approved by the PBAC to go onto our National Immunisation Program, it is unlikely to be removed. Parents will receive clearer information from their health-care providers. And most importantly, our babies of the future will be protected.

However – we need your help!

We want to ensure that the PBAC hear from parents who support this vaccine being federally and permanently funded for all pregnant women across the country.
Have you had this vaccine in pregnancy?
Did you miss out on the information from your health care provider?
Have you had whooping cough or had babies/children suffer from it?
Do you want the whooping cough vaccine to be offered to all pregnant Mums in Australia, permanently?

Consumer comments can be made here before June 7th, and we want the PBAC to know that there is incredible consumer support for this life-saving vaccine.

Please remember – there is no cure or effective treatment for whooping cough. It is our newborns who are most at risk from this terrible disease. Please let the PBAC know that in a country as fortunate as Australia, our children should be protected, not dying from preventable diseases.

Greg and Catherine Hughes.